How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

by Kelly

If you have ever looked for a Replacement Battery for HP Laptop, you will know it is not an easy task. Hp laptops may be one of the most common laptops globally, but searching for a laptop replacement is daunting. First, HP as a company is into the production of computers and not batteries. Therefore, they may not exactly prioritize producing batteries. In turn, this will lead to some scarcity in the number of batteries originally produced by the company. On the other hand, this will increase the number of fake batteries in the market, claiming to be from the parent company. If you are lucky to get an original Battery Replacement, you can rest assured that it will not perform like your battery. Therefore, the best thing you can do when you have your laptop is to ensure your battery life is great.

Batteries will never last forever, no matter how good they are. But when you have the correct battery, you can extend the lifespan by taking the right steps. Maintaining your batteries doesn’t involve you cleaning the battery every morning. All that matters is the optimal usage of your laptop. Everyone buys a computer because they need it. But remember that you also bought that laptop to remain mobile and still use your device. Therefore with a spoilt laptop battery, you are more or less using a desktop computer. While you are using your laptop for whatever purpose, it is essential that you pay attention to 5he way you are using the computer. If you want to extend your laptop’s battery life, you should keep reading this guide. Here, we will explain the best methods to extend Battery Life.

Take on one task at a time

A laptop is a fantastic device that can perform multiple duties at the same time. You can be playing games in one window, watching a movie on the other, and still surfing the Internet. It sounds very cool, but all of these multiple activities are having an adverse effect on the battery. The higher the numerous window tabs you open, the more your battery extends power to keep them running. Even when you are opening the same tab multiple times, it will still affect you.

Use system memory optimally

The applications you use on your laptop and the activities on the laptop have a direct effect on the system memory of the computer. The system memory, on the other hand, affects the laptop’s battery directly. As much as possible, ensure you are using the laptop application with the smallest sizes. Also, make sure your browser does not have unnecessary tabs open simultaneously.

Set power settings optimally

All laptops come with a settings page that enables you to set and optimize your laptop battery life. It is usually a program on the control panel of your laptop. Therefore, you can also use it.

Turn off simple settings

On our phones, we usually remember to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when not in use. But when it comes to the laptop, we forget. Switching off your Bluetooth, WiFi, and reducing your screen brightness are some simple settings that can make your battery last longer.

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