Mastering the Art of Beach Waves: How to Get Blonde Hair Extensions and Look Classy

by Kelly

Beach waves are a definition of simple elegance, providing a perfect representation of sun, sea, and summer without any effort. For those with blonde hair, it can be rather thrilling to get the perfect beach waves as it gives them the much-needed depth, texture, and volume. It is therefore important to know how to achieve the best look for blonde hair extensions through the use of the right tools and techniques that will make anyone look good with this style.

Choose the Right Hair Extension

First things first, one must select blonde hair extensions that complement the original color and texture of the hair. Select wigs that are solely composed of human hair; although synthetic wigs are less expensive, they are not as adaptable as wigs made of human hair. Moreover, it is crucial to determine the length and thickness of the extensions to realize the loose waves on the beach effortlessly.

Preparation and Styling

Start styling your hair by doing the following: To keep your hair looking bright and healthy, wash and moisturize it with products made specifically for blonde hair. Then, divide your hair and place the blonde hair extensions in the right section, making sure they are well installed. Start by sectioning your hair into smaller parts that are one or two inches wide to create a smooth finish. A curling wand or a curling iron is used by wrapping each part of hair around the barrel and holding it for several seconds before letting it go. To make the curls look more natural, turn the curling iron in the opposite direction and do not curl the ends of your hair.

Creating Effortless Waves

To get the much-desired beach waves, run your fingers through your hair to create looser curls and volume. Do not rub your hair vigorously while washing or drying as this will break the wave pattern and lead to frizz. However, to avoid destroying your waves, it is advisable to use a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush to comb through your hair and make it seem to fall naturally.

Finishing Touches

Complete your beach wave appearance with texturizing hairspray or sea salt spray to add volume and texture. It’s also advisable to apply some shine serum or hair oil to control frizz and enhance the shine of the hair. Lastly, seal your beach waves in place with a lightweight hairspray so that you can look fresh all through the day.

Maintaining Your Beach Waves

Taking good care of your blonde hair extensions is essential if you want to be able to keep your beach waves for as long as feasible. Shampoos and conditioners containing sulfates should be avoided as they have the potential to destroy the color and moisture from the extensions. Also, do not overheat your hair, and avoid using low-quality products for your hair to have good-looking waves.


The secret to achieving perfect beach waves with blonde hair extensions is quite easy, and yet it can turn any dull look into a stunning one. With the right techniques and quality products, one can pull off this natural and laid-back look with ease and flair, embodying the essence of summer whenever the mood strikes.

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