How does a chenille embroidery machine works?

by Kelly

One of the most unique and oldest forms today is Chenille embroidery. This skill dates back a long time and is mainly recognized through letterman jackets or as logos for school mascots. You may have also seen this work on bikers’ jackets, but it is not common today.

The Chenille work is slightly different from traditional embroidery work. The result is a bit textured and pops up from the fabric’s surface. The distinctive part about Chenille is that you must fill all the spaces and can’t leave even small loops in between to create a smooth surface. You must get a chenille embroidery machine to get your hands on this skill. Here is a breakdown of how the machine works and more. Keep reading to learn more!

Characteristics Of Chenille Embroidery

The Chenille embroidery uses a patch to get the work done. It combines the skill of traditional embroidery done on a scrim felt. Once the work is completed, the patch is cut and sewn on the jacket or other clothes. The distinguishing factor in this embroidery is that the patch is raised from the surface of the garment, creating a thick appearance.

A Chenille or yarn thread is used to create loops on the patch, which are cut out to create fluffiness. The Chenille embroidery work is sewn on garments, pillows, or other household items to add a touch of luxury. It adds more effect and texture to an otherwise plain garment. You can also create 3D effects using this embroidery.

Why Use a Chenille Machine?

Chenille embroidery machine converts the whole complicated process into an automated version. Instead of looking after the minute details to ensure the embroidery is done perfectly, you can mount everything on the machine and start working. This brings more efficiency to work, and you can churn out more garments.

Moreover, the machine also saves time and effort. As Chenille embroidery is done on a patch, it takes care and vigilance to ensure you don’t go out of the boundary, leave loops, or go in too deep with too much pressure. Once you get the embroidery machine, this will be a thing of the past. You won’t have to put in as much time and effort to do the same work.

How Does a Chenille Machine Work?

You start by mounting the scrim felt on a larger frame where the embroidery work will be done. This ensures that you can work on multiple designs in one go. After creating the designs, special scissors cut off the excess fabric and left only the designs. Some felt left on the design side to allow comfortable stitching to the garment.

The work on the machine begins by digitizing the design that needs to be embroidered. Once the digital file is loaded into the device, the embroidery work begins using threads and needles. The design created on the patch has to be separately attached to the intended garment.


If you have an embroidery business or create these pieces of art, a Chenille embroidery machine can take off a big load from you. It can save you time, effort, and cost. Make sure to check with the seller before buying the machine. Read the reviews and go for a trustworthy seller only for purchasing this embroidery machine online.

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