Cheap Wireless Earbuds Vs premium Quality ones

by Kelly

As soon as you tap on the market, you come across multiple wireless earbuds options. Many people consider the price tag while shopping for a smartphone accessory. But it’s not the right approach. Before you spend money on this device, you should know the main difference that quality ones have with cheap earbuds.

Noise Cancellation

Whether you are attending a call or watching a video, you won’t like it when outside environment noises interfere with your experience. Thereby, you need a noise cancellation feature. However, the problem with cheap ones is that they don’t cancel outside noises. As a result, you may go wireless, but it’s not as amazing an experience as it should be. You spend an extra amount of money on wireless earbuds, but this extra money seems worth it when you can watch a video peacefully.

Sweat Resistant

Most people use wireless earbuds during workouts and jogging. When your body is hyperactive, sweat is a common phenomenon. This sweat seems quite annoying, and you can’t focus on music as earbuds slip. A cheap product won’t bring advanced features like sweat resistance in that scenario. It means you need to remove your earbud and wipe it all before continuing with your jogging and workout. You won’t like such a disrupting music experience during a workout, and it annoys you a lot. Thereby, when you go with a quality product, you won’t have to go through any such hassle anymore.

Playback Time

You get a wireless device to enjoy it for a long time. Many manufacturers claim that their wireless earbuds offer ten to twelve hours of playback times. Once you start using it, you realize that the battery dies very quickly. It would help if you had good playback time, but it’s not available with a cheap device. The battery gets empty very fast, and you have to go through the hassle of charging it quite so often, which you clearly won’t like. On the flip side, you enjoy more than ten hours of playback time without going through any hassle. Thereby, you like to invest an extra buck of money, bringing convenience.


The reason for switching to wireless earbuds is to enjoy a good comfort level. The problem with the cheap quality device is that it doesn’t offer any built-in controls. It means you can’t receive voice calls from your earbuds. When you have an eartips, you get more control over your music and make the most of voice commands. The music automatically pauses in some advanced level earbuds when earbuds pull out of ears. You may not enjoy it all with a low-quality device, but certainly, an expensive one with advanced features can promise good quality plus comfort.

True Wireless

Before you spend money on a wireless earbud device, you better find out whether it’s true wireless or not. What does it mean? Well, some devices claim to be 100 percent wireless, but once you start using them, they are not what you expect. A true wireless earphone has an integrated Bluetooth chip that ensures good performance and strong connectivity. When a device doesn’t have a good quality chip, it delays connectivity. You may enjoy music with it when there is a big delay in transmission while you are playing games or watching videos. The real problem begins when you try to make a call or pick one, it seems like big trouble.

Wrap up

Maybe you need to spend a little more money on a quality one, but this investment seems worth it because it helps you enjoy better quality, performance, and functionality. On top of all that, you get the comfort you deserve from a premium quality device.

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