Pressure Washing Vs Handwashing Your Car

by Kelly

Cleaning a vehicle is one task that many car owners find exhausting. In most cases, they prefer taking the car o the garage for cleaning purposes and paying for the services. However, do you know your car can get damaged in another person’s hands while cleaning? You can avoid all these by cleaning your car at home through pressure cleaning or hand washing. So, this article explores the best method you can use to clean your car at home. Keep reading to understand better.

Car Hand washing Vs. Pressure Washing

Hand washing

Many people will prefer to handwash their cars because the process is gentle on the mirrors, the paints, and the overall car parts. However, before you choose to handwash your car, you need to have four baskets, several sponges, and snow foam that removes iron from the paint on the car. You will realize the requirements are costly, and the steps are many, which will take you a lot of time before you achieve incredible cleaning.

Again, many people will opt for handwashing to get through the cleaning process. With hand washing, you can spot the dirt hidden in some places and wipe it off with ease; machine washing can fail to accomplish.

Also, handwashing is quite economical since you can use other readily available materials at home to achieve good cleaning. However, the charges depend on how many people will wash your car and the resources used with machine cleaning. Therefore, you will realize you spend a lot on car cleaning services.

Another reason a person could opt for handwashing a car is that they can easily use free labor at home. When you have many people at home, they can divide the washing processes among themselves and perform cleaning on the car in a matter of minutes without having the heavy dig in your pockets.

Machine washing

One reality about machine cleaning your car is that the process will leave your car extremely clean in a matter of minutes than when you would handwash your car. This is because the brushes, along with water shooting at high pressure, will blast off any kind of dirt in your car.

One aspect you will love about machine cleaning is that the process is environment-friendly. Many car facilities have put different ways to recycle water, a move that enhances water saving. In most cases, many car washing services have sediment tanks that help to purify water by removing debris and soap.

Another reason to consider machine wash is how fast and effective the process is. For example, when you feel tired but the extreme dirt on the car can no longer wait, the next possible move is to take it to machine washing, and in a few minutes, your car will be sparkling clean.


A clean car provides a serene environment to the occupants. Depending on your preference, you can opt to handwash your car or machine wash your car. Both approaches have their best sides and downsides.

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